Fact Fluency


   Every year I model fact fluency assessments for the students by giving myself a timed test.  I'm not going to fib...it's hard for me.  Like many of my students, I do not have the ability to be timed without freaking out.  Our goal as their teacher is to help them memorize addition and subtraction facts.  So, this year I am trying something new.  Instead of having a fact of the day on the board or on their desk I created watches that will be with them ALL DAY LONG.  My plan is to make this into a morning routine. "Grab your watch, color it with highlighters, cut it out and have a friend glue it on."  For the rest of the day I have a million things I can do with those fancy watches. Here are a few of my ideas...
Shout Out: Throughout the day yell, “FACT CHECK!”.  The students will repeat with the fact found on their watch that day.
Teach It:  Make it a daily routine during morning meeting and/or end of the day meeting to have students turn to a partner and teach the fact of the day.  Encourage them to use manipulatives or visuals.
Math Center: Lay out all of the materials needed for this center (glue sticks, scissors, light colored crays/markers) and have students put them together. Again, explain to students that they should help one another when gluing them on.
Fact Fluency Circling:  After each timed fact fluency assessment have students circle the fact of the day (which ever watch they are wearing that day) with a highlighter.

Exit Slips:  I always have blank exit slips pre-made in a basket by the door.  I included the one I use.  Before they exit for lunch, specials, or the end of the day have them write a story problem for the fact of the day (which ever watch they are wearing that day). 
Yes, I will still have timed assessments (I know....yuck!).  I will also be watching through formative assessments like Exit Slips to see who's got it and who still  needs extra help.

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