Pretests are for Winners!

      YES!!!  It's summer break!  After 16 snow days this winter, my school finally got out for the summer last week.  Of course, I meditated on my grows and glows for the year already.  One part of my teaching that glowed (big time) was my use of pretest data.  In the past I would just check the pretest and highlight my lower friends and put them in a group.  THIS YEAR I decided to create a tracking system.  With this (FREE) form you can use your pretest data to help guide your small math groups, chose your centers, and find ways to work with ALL OF YOUR STUDENTS.

I use sticky notes to add goals at the bottom.  The students get the same sticky notes to place in their data binder.  I know what you're thinking!  "When am I going to have time to cut out all of these forms before each math unit?"  Trust me, it only takes about 5 minutes per unit.  My system worked great this year.  I hand wrote in all the names before the school year started.  I punched holes in all of the forms and put them into my math data binder.  THEN, when we got to each unit I would cut them out.  If handwriting your students names doesn't sound fun to you (I love my own handwriting), you can simply use the website:  It allows you to type whatever you want onto a PDF.  It's fantastic!
Click on the picture below to download your own math data trackers!