My New Favorite Thing: Scratch and Sniff Stickers!!!!

   I have fond memories of my sister and I collecting stickers and going through each page and admiring our fab collection.  One of my favorites (in the 80s) was my scratch and sniff stickers.  I looked long and hard for the original pizza or pickle stickers that held my heart long ago.  The only ones I could find were on eBay...and they were not going for a price I liked AND I doubt they could even still stick on a students graded paper anymore.  So where else did I look? Amazon, of course!  I went nuts and bought every funny smelly sticker I could find.  Dr. Stink's was by far my favorite.  The ones pictured below are smelly cheese, fish, onion, race car, wet dog, and campfire.  One of my favorite things is to get a laugh out of my 2nd graders (or at least a reaction) and I do not think these will disappoint.
PS:  I did buy pleasant smelling stickers too...coconut, brownies, gummy bear, toothpaste, and cupcakes.
Click here to see these stickers on Amazon.