Spunky Characters

Our character trait unit was getting so boring AND it's coming up in a week!  I have done the same thing for years!!! I, of course, tried funky anchor charts but what were the kids truly getting out of that?  I looked at the grade level content really carefully and asked myself this question, "What do I really want my kids to take away from this?".  The answer to that was simple COMPREHENSION! I want them to know that if they understand their character's actions and feelings, they will also understand their book better.  These kids of skills will stick with them for a lifetime. Try this one out and let me know what you think.  IT'S ONLY $1.25!

Finding Time

I really have the best of intentions.  I try really hard to make sure my student's day is jam packed with meaningful subject matter.  Word Work has been a hot topic in my grade level this year (and the one thing that I am just not in love with).  I have been hearing for a while now from other experts that sentence dictation is something that is a true blue resource in their classroom.  Throughout the year you watch your students develop more know how in editing, writing skills, and grammar.  I am pumped to bring this back into the classroom.  10 minutes per day!  Make time for it Amanda!!!

Data Driven Fact Families

     Exit slips are amazing.  In fact, I have to get a few on here to show how wonderful they are for fast data throughout your week (OR YEAR!).  That said, I noticed last week 16 out of 27 students missed a fact family question last week.  While I was doing lesson plans yesterday I started putting this together for an easy math center.  My data is telling me these kids are going to need it!  I didn't get a nap this weekend because of it!  Below you will find my fact family center (WITH a bonus activity) and my data forms, which includes my handy dandy exit slips.

Eddie is Sick!

So my son Eddie was sick this past Friday.  I knew I had to stay home.  It was Friday...I got to spend time with my boys...I could catch up on laundry...I should be happy to take the day off!  Unfortunately, with our job you cannot just call in.  I HATE making sub lesson plans.  It's just so much work.  I took the time on Friday and this morning to finally finish my 3rd Grade Emergency Lesson Plans.  I have had it done forever, I just need to make it look pretty. My hopes are that this product will take the stress out of your day off.