Best Teaching Blog Ever...and Most Funny!

Welcome to the best teaching blog in the world. You have a front row seat to my 2nd grade classroom and nonstop wit.  I plan to make this site more snazzy once I have more coin.  School just started and I Visa is maxed out from buying pencil toppers and colored ink for my printer....which, will both will be gone in a week.
If you choose to follow me, and I hope you do, plan on many free product updates and belly laughs.  I have great (exaggerated) stories from my teaching.

My first free product backs up my love for Math Workshop.  Math Workshop has turned my students thinking and data around.  As the weeks fly by this school year you will be able to see first hand the unbelievable power of students learning from each other.  Hope you enjoy my first of many freebies!
Math Workshop Rotations

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